Looking Outwards

An eclectic collection of images

New & Delightful
New favorites and older photos brought forward.
Light Painting
Layers of light in daily life
People I know and love. People I knew. People I've never met. Mainly human.
School Days
In the late 1960s, time itself was found only in black and white.
Mainly Brady and Indy, our soulmates and theirs. Also Apollo Sun-Warrior. And other dogs. Dogs.
Faded Signs of Life
In the 1970s and early 1980s, my NYC eye found ghost signs, faded messages, decay bubbling, subtext galore. Since that time, now away from the city, my eye continues to be drawn to decay in our human-created world. See more at www.fadedsign.com
Across 47 Days in the Life of a Suburban Daffodil
I invite you to look at photos of the same flower, taken minutes after dawn each day from mid-April to the first days of June 2023.
Juneteenth Peekskill
Picture the rhythm section behind them keeping time, the dancers look ahead and not at each other, and still their movements are coordinated and powerful.
History Etc.
Intimacy is an art.
Close-Ups & Xtras
I am at odds and I have my ends.
Nearly Spring
One Saturday in March, Florence Mass, walking the neighborhood with possible new friends.
About Me
A personal collection of photos, ones I took long ago and some just the other day. I welcome comments, questions, and above all, your cheap love. - David Hallerman
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